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Afo – Swedish Pls (Right/Left) Male Or Female

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Afo – Swedish Pls (Right/Left) Male Or Female Anatech

Ankle foot orthosis a disorder that affects the muscle function is usually caused due to stroke, spinal injury cerebral palsy, polio etc.. The Swedish PLS orthosis foot is designed for foot drop and ankle foot stability.

How AFO – Swedish PLS works:

  • This ankle foot orthosis is designed to provide lateral support for weak foot or ankle joints while adding stationery rear leg support.
  • Since it weighs only 3.5 oz the AFO Swedish PLS works wonders in providing strength, support and steadiness to any deformities or issues
  • The feet plate is made such that a pair of scissors could be used to trim it according to the users foot size
  • Though the orthosis is flexible in nature it is highly rigid and durable.