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Plantar fasciitis (Night Splint)

designed to treat heel pain or heel spur caused by plantar fasciitis.
CAD $48.99

Abdominal Binder Contoured – 12”

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CAD $59.99

Swede-O Thermal Plantar DR (Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint)

The foot thermal support for the recovery of Plantar Fasciitis - Swede-O Thermal Plantar DR
CAD $73.00

Heel or Elbow Brace

This multi-purpose brace has an oil gel pad which can be positioned anywhere over an elbow or a heel.
CAD $33.40 CAD $36.74

Swede-O Inner Lok 8 Ankle Brace

Swede-O Inner Lok 8 Ankle Brace (Small – Xlarge/Black)anatech
CAD $47.80 CAD $49.28

Swede-O Ankle Lok With Side Stabilizers (Ankle brace for sports)

Ankle brace for sports.Designed to provide ankle support at the time of playing sports like tennis, basketball etc.
CAD $39.99

Universal Gel Strap For Metatarsal (1 pair)

designed to provide relief from friction and pressure irritations,soft polymer gel pad that covers all the 5 metatarsal heads
CAD $36.46 CAD $40.10

Wrist Wrap Brace (Sprain Sleeve)

Wrist wrap provide extra support to wrists preventing it from spraining.
CAD $20.23 CAD $22.25

Anatex Hip Protector Wrap (Hip Brace)

Anatex Hip Protector Wrap - Small, Medium, Large (Black Only)
CAD $112.00 CAD $82.51

Active Ankle Cf Pro ankle brace

The U shape of the foot plate helps relieve pressure on the ankle joint and enhances the inversion protection
CAD $111.75 CAD $117.42

Hinged Elbow Brace

Hinged Elbow Brace by Homehealthcareshoppe is designed to give support to the elbow.
CAD $57.95 CAD $63.74

Hinged Elbow Brace With Hyper extension Straps

Hinged Elbow Brace with Hyper extension Straps, it offers medial and lateral stability.
CAD $66.11 CAD $72.72

Anatex Elbow Sleeve W/Tendon Strap

An elbow sleeve for comforting the elbow joints and applies compression on the sensitive ligament or muscle.
CAD $27.76

Elbow Sleeve With Tendon Strap

Elbow sleeve with Tendon Strap is designed to give support to elbow by keeping away any excess moisture.
CAD $32.00 CAD $28.61

Webbing Sacroiliac Belt

Designed to stabilize the sacroiliac joint.Made up of cotton, this 3" belt has 2 elastic closures on the sides.Can be worn under any type of clothing.
CAD $32.68 CAD $35.94


Sealskinz - a great product for kids !
CAD $49.95