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Wheel Brake

Wheel Brake For Adjustable Height Rollator, 6" Casters

Introducing Wheel Brake for Rollator, an essential addition for safety and control. Boasting an advanced braking mechanism and ergonomic design, this wheel brake ensures smooth and reliable stopping power so you can navigate confidently and safely.

CAD $28.88 CAD $20.34
Wheel Lock

Wheel Brake For Durable 4 Wheel Rollator

Introduced is the Wheel Brake for Durable 4 Wheel Rollator with 7.5" Casters - an indispensable accessory that offers optimal control and safety on mobility journeys. Boasting an advanced braking system, this wheel brake offers reliable stopping power that provides confidence during mobility journeys.

CAD $38.12 CAD $20.38
Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock for Aluminum Rollator, 7.5" Casters

Introducing Wheel Lock/Brake for Aluminum Rollators - an essential safety feature of your mobility aid! Featuring a reliable locking mechanism and user-friendly design, this brake ensures stability by preventing unintentional movement of your rollator. Take control of your rollator with confidence and peace of mind!

CAD $18.32
Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock for Nitro DLX Rollator

Wheel Lock for Nitro DLX Rollator - the ultimate solution for stability and safety. With durable materials, this wheel lock guarantees reliable braking and positioning - giving you peace of mind on mobility adventures. Take complete control of your rollator with Wheel Lock and experience unparalleled convenience.

CAD $34.32 CAD $21.18
Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock/Brake For Aluminum Rollator 6" Casters

Wheel Lock for Aluminum Rollator 6" Casters is an innovative product created to increase safety and stability on any rollator. Boasting user-friendly functionality & an innovative design, this wheel lock provides reliable braking that prevents accidental rolling.

CAD $24.98 CAD $18.32