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Bort Soft Hammer Toe Correction Pad

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Bort Soft Hammer Toe Correction Pad (Sizes 1 & 2)anatech
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  • Bort Soft hammer toe correction pad by Anatech is designed to correct malpositioned hammer toes.
  • Hammer toe correction can help you to correct 3 toes simultaneously.
  • Velcro-closure straps can be used to fasten the soft hammer toes correctly.
  • The cushion-like padding is soft and keeps you in comfort day long.
  • Can be used multiple number of times and are long-lasting.
  • Skin-friendly. Wearing this for longer periods will not cause any skin irritations.
  • Available in only Black.
  • Comes in 2 sizes.

Sizing Chart:

14 to 751/2 to 8
27½ to 118½ to 12