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MALLEODYN S3 Ankle Brace (Ankle Joint Brace)

SKU: MEDI-07841
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Mellodyn s3 is a very effective ankle brace to get rid of pains and sprains, a preventive solution for ankle sprains, and is helpful in post-operative surgeries.
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MALLEODYN S3 Ankle BraceĀ  (Ankle Joint Brace)

Ankle and tarsal brace as an alternative to plaster cast. Includes figure 8 strap as well as ankle and backfoot edging.


  1. Acute capsular ligament rupture
  2. Chronic capsular ligament instability
  3. Post-operative foot & ankle
  4. Prevention of sprains through stabilisation


  1. Ankle and rear foot enclosure
  2. Fixation of the ankle joint
  3. Safeguards against talar prolapse and inversion
  4. Figure 8 reins and two further corrective reins in the forefoot area for improved foot lifting and pronation position through greater leverage
  5. Can be put on without moving the ankle Thermally mouldable