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Achilles tendon support with septate friction pads and insulated heel wedge. Septate pads gently massage the oedema away from the paratenon during movement and encourage blood flow.

INDICATIONS Achillodynia (tendinopathy) with/without partial rupture Bursitis calcanea Bursitis subachillea Paratendinitis, Paratendinopathy Post-operative foot & ankle EFFECTIVENESS / TECHNOLOGY Avoidance of pelvic misalignment through additional heel wedge Increased stability through proprioception Massage effect to dissipate oedema and encourage blood flow Temporary reduction of tension in the Achilles tendon Septed pads for stimulation and massage of the Achilles tendon Stretchy special knitted fabric for wrinkle-free fit Two elastic heel wedges made of vibration-damping material to relieve the Achilles tendon Very thin, pressure-reduced bandage edge for high wearing comfort