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3M Futuro Adjustable Knee Brace

Manufacturer: Futuro
SKU: 777482
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3M Futuro Adjustable Knee Brace 13"-17.5" by McKesson
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3M Futuro Adjustable Knee Brace is used to provide support for weak and injured knees and avoids further injury. It is also used to provide relief from soreness.


  • Straps are adjustable for providing perfect fit
  • Designed with an open kneecap for extra support
  • Ventilated from the sides for reduced bunching behind the knee
  • Made of neoprene which is durable provides support and comfort
  • Wrap around style makes it easy to wear and remove
  • Can be used on either right or left knee

Available in Adjustable Size 13" - 17.5" and in Black Color