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Drive Nitro Euro Style 4 wheel Rollator (Standard Height, Hemi Height)

Manufacturer: Drive Medical
SKU: RTL10266
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Drive Nitro rollator is a medical walker used to help individuals with limited mobility to maneuver easily. It typically features four large wheels, a comfortable seat, adjustable handles, and a basket at the lower front to help secure items. The large wheels provide a smoother ride on outdoor and indoor surfaces, while the adjustable handles allow users to customize the height to fit their individual needs. The drive nitro rollator also features brakes for safety and brake locks for stops. Additionally, it has a built-in seat for resting and can fold up for storage.
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Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator

A state of art design which is attractive and pleasing to the eye (euro-style) walker is here to stay. Aluminum, a lightweight metal, is used to build the walker’s frame. Cross brace design strengthens the structure; this design is used in buildings to reinforce structures to withstand seismic activity.

"Experience the ultimate in mobility with the Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator. Lightweight yet sturdy, this premium walking aid is developed to offer a smooth and relaxing ride with sleek European styling that turns heads. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the Nitro Rollator features advanced features like height-adjustable handles, a convenient storage pouch, and an easy-to-use brake system. Don't let mobility challenges hold you back - step up to the Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator today!"

Did you even need to remove those brake cables on your walker for safety?

The brake cables run inside the frame of the drive nitro walker and are not visible to the naked eye. The structure of the nitro walker keeps the brake cables hidden to avoid tangles. 

How do you adjust the handle height on this walker?

Drive Nitro walker has a simple one-click and easy-to-reach toggle button under the handlebar to adjust the handle height. It is easily accessible but in a safe position to avoid hitting it accidentally.

How easy is it to adjust the back support height for a Drive Nitro Rollator?

The rollator has a thumb screw knob to clamp the back support height, a simple and secure feature to adjust the rear seat height easily and without using tools.

Some walkers need a better-turning radius. How is Drive walker different?

The fork helps turn the wheel's radius by connecting the hub and the frame. The shallower angle of the fork and a lower fork offset gives the wheel a tighter turning radius for the drive nitro walker.

What is the size of the front wheels?

Front wheels for Nitro walkers are 10 inches in diameter. They are larger than the standard wheels on most walkers and are designed to provide increased mobility and stability. They are ideal for walking on uneven terrain or traversing longer distances. Many large wheels for walkers have a slim profile, making them less prone to getting stuck in cracks or other small spaces.

How to fold my Drive Nitro Rollator for storage?

1. Stand in front of your nitro rollator and locate the looped handles and the tubing below them. Grasp the looped handles in both hands.
2. Pull up using both hands to lift the nitro rollator off the ground.
3. Turn the rollator so that the looped handles are facing you. Locate the latches on either side of the tubing. Push down on the latches with both hands.
4. With a single hand, push the tubing towards the handles.
5. Place your other hand on the tubing and press down, folding the rollator in half.
6. With both hands, press the latches down to secure the rollator in its folded position.

Does the Nitro Walker come with a basket?

A drive nitro rollator basket is a unique accessory attachment, a well-designed and lightweight storage bag using a zipper. The nitro rollator basket is attached under the seat and is used to store items. The basket is typically detachable and can be removed for storage when not in use.

4 wheel Nitro Walker Specifications:

Handle Height33.5" - 38.25"
Unit Dimensions23" (W) x 27.75" (L)
Seat Dimensions18" (W) x 20.5" (H) x 10" (D)
Weight17.5 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight21.5 lbs.
Weight Limit300 lbs.