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Drive Nitro Euro Style 4 wheel Rollator (Standard Height, Hemi Height)

Manufacturer: Drive Medical
SKU: RTL10266
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Nitro Rollator standard for people whose height falls between 5 feet 2 inches and 6'feet. For taller people check the tall size for over 6 feet Click Here !
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Drive Nitro Rollator

Drive Nitro is back in Stock. 

A state of art design which is attractive and pleasing to the eye (euro-style) walker is here to stay. Cross brace design makes the frame stronger; this design is used in buildings to reinforce structures so they can withstand seismic activity. Aluminum a lightweight metal is used to build euro style walker’s frame.

Did you even feel the need to get rid of those brake cables on your walker for safety?

The Drive Nitro walker has this feature. The cables are hidden away from your eyes in the sleek frame.

How do you adjust handle height on this walker?

A toggle button helps you adjust the handle height in one click. Check the picture below.

How easy is it to adjust the back support height?

Thumb screw knob to clamp and secure back support height with ease.

Some walkers do not have a good turning radius. How is Drive walker different?

Caster fork design makes the turning radius smaller for drive rollators.

What is the size of the front wheels?

10” front wheels allow you to steer your walker with ease. The larger the wheel size better it is for different road conditions.

Folding my walker has been a big problem for me. My walker is seven years ago and would love something which I can fold and manage on my own?

Drive rollators are sleek in design and just a hand you can fold and store it in compact spaces. A plastic clip keeps the walker closed. Check the picture below.

Going grocery shopping with my old walker is becoming an issue now a day?

A well designed and light weight storage bag using a zipper comes as an attachment to the nitro walker.

4 wheel Nitro Walker Specifications:

Handle Height33.5" - 38.25"
Unit Dimensions23" (W) x 27.75" (L)
Seat Dimensions18" (W) x 20.5" (H) x 10" (D)
Weight17.5 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight21.5 lbs.
Weight Limit300 lbs.