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Abdominal Binder – 14"

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Abdominal Binder – 14"
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It is a 8" binder that is desgned to use as a back support, ab binder, rib support and also as a post-operative belt.

How to use Abdominal binder:

  • It is used to wrap around the abdomin and secure the closure based on the need of the the patient.
  • There are a lot diffferent types of binders, thus the closures.
  • Closures are made of buckles, hook and loop, velcro just to name a few.

How Abdominal binder helps:

  • Abdominal binders serves many purposes of patients for those that had abdominal surgeries. This binder supports the abdominal region, preventsw swelling and improves the blood circulation.
  • Also used by woman who underwent C-section at the time of giving birth to babies.