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AchilloTrain Brace (Achilles tendon Ankle Support)

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Get relief from Achilles tendon pain by using this product.Integral heel wedge is also built into the brace to relieve the tendon.
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AchilloTrain Brace (Achilles tendon Ankle Support)


  • Achillo Train Ankle Support is a superior product for give relief from Achilles tendon pain.
  • Achilles tendon pad is designed and inserted in a way to give a massaging effect and stimulating the tissue
  • Integral heel wedge is also built into the brace to relieve the tendon
  • The material is stretchy and 3 dimensional with anatomical knit to allow maximum support and comfort
  • All Bauerfeind braces are from Germany

Additional Features and Details:

  • Removable heel wedge
  • Seaparate heel cushion provided to minimize length difference
  • Breathable material
  • Prevents and treats achilles tendonitis, tendon injuries and ruptures
  • Specific for Left or Right Foot

Size Chart:

Circumference in cm17-1919-2121-2323-2525-27

To be measured around your ankle above the bone. Available in Gray Color.

Poor Choice of Shoes – Women especially love shoes, with the trendier and higher being the best. While the shoes might look great, unless the right type of shoe is worn, potential for developing foot pain on the side of the foot is all too real. The two biggest contributors to this kind of pain are shoes with narrow toe space and those with extremely tall heels. In both instances, muscle, ligaments, and even tissue are stretched, leading to foot damage and pain.

Injury to the Achilles Tendon – At the back of the ankle is a major tendon called the Achilles. Although this is the largest tendon in the body and one capable of taking brute force, it is also the area of the foot at greatest risk for injury. If the Achilles tendon is strained, foot pain on the side of the foot would be present. However, if the tendon were to tear, this pain would not only spread but intensify dramatically.