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Aircast Pneumatic Walker FP (Walking Boot)

Manufacturer: DJO Canada
SKU: AirCast-01F-P
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wear to recover from an injury while being mobile.
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Aircast walking boot helps in protecting your foot from getting any further damage.

This boot is made of lightweight material and has the right amount of stiffness and flexibility, helps with walking and recovering ankle from a post-operative surgery.

Aircast used its patent technology by using air cells. This walking boot has two air cells giving support to Malleoli, to inflate air cells a hand bulb comes with these boots

Ankle pains and a fracture to the ankle can severely restrict movement. Aircast boot helps in keeping us mobile while we recover.

Blood circulation is essential for recovery from fractures. A Semi-pneumatic compression helps in increased blood velocity.

Features & Benefits of Aircast Walking Boot:

  1. The two air cells can adapt and help in providing pressure and compression to support malleoli
  2. Air cells can be filled up with air using the hand pump for a snug fit.
  3. Walking boot created with material which is very light and stiff enough to protect your ankle.
  4. Inflate your air cells on the ankle brace with a hand bulb

The soft tissue injuries which lead to some severe ankle pain, fractures due to sports injuries or accidents. Forefoot injuries or injuries to your midfoot due to constant grinding work, sports or old age, etc. This ankle brace helps in recovering from surgeries which helps in fixing these problems.