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Airgo Transport Chair, 17", Fold-Down Back, Det. Footrests

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Airgo Transport Chair 17 Fold-Down Back Det. Footrests
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Transport chair 17 Inches with Fold Down back and Detached Foot Rests

A Wheel chair made as a competitor for all the other makes is the new and renewed AMG Transport Chair.

How Airgo Transport Chair works:

  • Primary point of focus is that this wheel chair is 50 percent lighter than the competition wheel chairs
  • The fold down back along with the aesthetic nylon upholstery and padded armrests not only makes the user feel comfortable , however, ensures that the user feels fashionable also
  • To the comfort, safety is added with the 8” mag wheels and the dual locking rear wheels that make sure that the user has total control on the machine
  • The swing away footrest make the user’s life more comfortable and combined with the easy to fold and store facility; it is a definite favorite of many.
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