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Anti-Snore Pillow ** UNAVAILABLE **

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This pillow helps to reduce snoring by gently shifting head to the side which decrease airway obstruction.

How does BIOS Anti Snore Pillow Work?

Little wonder BIOS Anti Snore Pillow has become such a hit already; snoring problems are more common than one might think and they also have a more grave impact than one might believe. Regular anti snoring solutions that you find in the market are cumbersome to use and they don’t always bear results. But this smartly designed pillow can do the trick for you. BIOS Anti Snore Pillow is a lot more than the one that is meant to keep your head rested well, while you sleep. It is a solution for your snoring problems and you get results almost instantly.

Unlike traditional pillows BIOS Anti Snore Pillow has a special design, architecture and structure, which is the reason why it works for those who have snoring problems and sleep apnea as well. The philosophy behind the creation of this pillow is that you should get good posture any time of the day or night. BIOS Anti Snore Pillow ensures that, which lets you sleep comfortably when you are sleeping on your back or on your side for that matter.

Q: Are the pillow cases that are included with the pillow machine washable? Can thebe washed too without the possibility of damage? 

A: Yes, the two pillow covers are machine washable. And the pillow can also be washed with a simple face cloth.

Q: Will the pillow help me in neck and shoulder pain? 

A: Yes, if you use it properly. Proper spinal alignment will certainly help you out with neck and shoulder pain.


Q: Is the pillow of standard size? 

A: Yes, there is only one size but it is adjustable. It can be adjusted to a comfortable height for y shoulder width when side sleeping and the neck support can also be adjusted to a comfortable level when you are sleeping on y back.