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Wheelchair Rear Anti Tip Device

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Anti Tipper Rear Wheel device for wheelchairs/recliners by Medline


Wheel chairs need the Anti Tippers to ensure that the seat to floor movements are swift with no risks of tipping over.

Fits Standard models. Compatiility with K4 basic wheelchair. 

How Wheelchair Rear Anti Tip Device works:

  • These anti tippers are self-adjusting and do not need to be constantly set by tools
  • Made of extremely strong bar stock to ensure that the job is done well and is able to withhold the equipment
  • Irrespective of what dimension tube is being used on the wheel chair these anti tippers work perfectly with them and do the job right.
  • The units are designed to have 5 different height adjustments options considering the degree of movement from floor to seta or vice – versa
  • These tippers are paired with 2” wheels that give the necessary momentum for the movement
Packaging1 Case / 1 Each / Pair
Manuf / SupplierMedline
Manuf / Supplier #MDS85189WK4