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AquaSense Bath Mat, Contoured with Temperature Indicator

Manufacturer: Drive Medical
SKU: DRIVE-785-530
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Aquasense bath mat, a bathing experience with soft and secure temperature controlled mat under your feet.
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AquaSense Bath Mat With Temprature Control Indicators

  • Built-in temperature sign with 9 temperature levels means if the bathwater is too cold, within your relaxation zone, or too warm! The correctness of the sign is inside 1 degree of the defined range
  • Soft, economic profile, textured exterior that enables you to be satisfied standing or sitting
  • The innovative idea serves specialized bath seating without jeopardizing the stability
  • Shaped ends provide for better tub coverage without hindering the duct
  • Over 300 suction cups give an effective stronghold that fits your tub, making it more secured for everyone
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