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Aquasense Adjustable Bath Stool

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Aquasense Adjustable Bath Stool

A stool made considering the different hazards while showering and the space constraints.

How AquaSense Adjustable Bath Stool works:

  • The narrow structure of the stool is absolutely perfect for the not so spacious bathrooms
  • The lightweight aluminum makes it easy to carry and store. The material used is also tested for corrosion and durability
  • With the seat made of blow molded plastic, the chances of slipping off the stool while showering are reduced
  • Since it is a stool, it become imperative to have a textured surface and slip resistant rubber knobs at the bottom of the holdings of the stool
  • A standard size of 12.5” * 12.5” is used for the stool surface measurement
  • The height is non – adjustable and sits at 16”*20”