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Aqueon QuietFlow E Internal Power Filters Small Black 4.69" x 3.75" x 6.31"

SKU: 100106991
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Economical, efficient and easy to use describe this new internal power filter.
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For use with frameless or framed aquariums. Easy to position with suction cups or clips filters can attach and hang on the aquarium rim. The filters provide chemical, biological and mechanical filtration.

  • Fits aquarium size up to 10 gallons
  • Efficiently cleans and filters water
  • Auto-start pump requires no priming, automatically restarts if power is interrupted and restored
  • Easy to install using suction cups or clips
  • Filters come equipped with: Carbon Cartridge for chemical filtration - removes odors and discoloration from water. Bioholster to foster biological filtration - removes toxic ammonia and nitrites. Coarse Media Sponge for mechanical filtration - removes particles and debris.