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BioSkin Pneumatic Walking Boot

Manufacturer: BioSkin
SKU: 33031
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Pneumatic Walking Boot by BioSkin for higher stability and pain relief
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The BioSkin Walking Boot has a low profile design for better maneuverability, higher stability and heel pain relief.


  • Low profile and ultra lightweight
  • Rounded sole for improved maneuverability
  • Pre Shaped Ergonomic frame
  • Automatically adjusts to gait patterns
  • New and improved pump system
  • Absorbs 50% of heel strike shock
  • Available in Tall and Short


  • Flared contoured struts to fit a wide range of patients
  • Comprehensive leg and ankle protection
  • Post surgical immobilization of the foot and ankle
  • Decrease pain and protect foot for enhanced rehabilitation


  • Pre-relieved heel contact area to increase comfort and safety
  • Low profile rounded sole for enhanced maneuverability
  • ShockPod system absorbs 50% of force from heel strike
  • Wide foot bed for improved comfort and stability


  • Adjustable pneumatic pump with easy push button release
  • Heel height of a traditional shoe for ease of ambulation
  • Fully adjustable strapping for sizing accomodations


  • Ankle Fractures
  • Post Operative Immobiliztaion
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Grade 2 and 3 Ankle Sprains
  • Soft Tissue Injuries

Size Chart:

Size MenWomen
XS2 to 43 to 6
S4 to 76 to 8
M7.5 to 10.58 to 11
L10.5 to 12.511 to 13
XL 12.5+13+

How to Wear:

1. Apply the boot liner     

2. Place foot into the boot frame

3. Secure straps

4. Inflate pneumatic pump