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Bobcat X4-Wheel (Mobility Scooter) ** NOT AVAILABLE **

Manufacturer: Drive Medical
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Bobcat X4 wheels by Drive Medical-Latest lightweight scooter with great comfort and value! Best Deal in Canada.

Bobcat X4 Mobility Scooter  

This 4 wheel mobility scooter is worth the money. I firmly believe I can compare it to Japanese car which is sturdy with excellent maneuverability. Like a Japanese car this mobility scooter has a small turning radius which is good for both indoors and outdoors.

A Japanese car is known for its stability and so does this scooter. You can always take your scooter for some wild rides over uneven trains with regularity. This scooter for seniors is fun and like a Japanese car it is worth the buck!

Bobcat X4 Scooter Features:

  1. A well thought out design helps you exit the scooter with ease. Check out the adjustable arm rests with the flip back feature.
  2. A scooter which lets you control your throttle with a finger touch.
  3. Basket made of durable material. With no weight and a strong mesh you can carry your groceries!!
  4. One lever to adjust your seat height for shortest to the tallest individual.
  5. Adjustable steering wheel (Your control center). Tilter to help you position your controls as per your requirements.
  6. Lock your steering dashboard with a simple knob with your front wheels.
  7. Don’t leave any marks behindJ. Black tires that leave no marks behind and no air leaks!! These tires are flat free.
  8. Easy to assemble and then disassemble if you have to kill time ;). Only weight 38lbs for a 4 wheel version.
  9. A seat for measuring 16.5 Inches and can be folded if not in use.
  10. Easy Maintenance.

Specifications Chart:

How much weight can this scooter carry?265 lbs
What is maximum speed of this scooter?4 mph
What is the maximum range this it can run on one charge?7 miles
What is the turning radius for X4 mobility scooter?53"
Can this scooter Climb at an angle?6"
How much is the ground clearance?2.5"
What are the dimensions of X4 mobility scooter?42" (L) X 19.25" (W)
How much is the height from floor to the seat?17"-19"
What is the depth and the height of the seat on X4 scooter?16.5" (W) X 13.5" (D)
What kind of motor is attached to this seniors scooter?24V X 270W X 4700 rpm
What batteries are provided with this mobilit scooter?(Pair) 12V X 10 AH
Charger1.5A Offboard
Wheels8" X 2" Flat-Free
What is the base weight of this scooter59 lbs
What is the weight of both the Batteries combined?18 lbs
How much is the weight of the seat?16 lbs.
The gross weight (total) of the scooter is?93 lbs
how much does the heaviest part of this scooter weigh?38 lbs

Warranty for Bobcat X4 Scooter:

Their is a lifetime warranty for the frame of this scooter/ 

14 months Manufacturers warranty on electronic controllers and the drive train components.

The battries are covered for 6 months under manufacturers warranty.

Quick and Easy Disassembly:

The easy portability and compact size of the Bobcat X makes it the perfect option for users on the go. It disassembles in moments—great for taking it wherever you want to go, either around the neighborhood or far from home. Individual components are lightweight, easy to handle and compact enough to fit in a car trunk, van or truck.