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Body Armor Walker

Manufacturer: Darco
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Body Armor Walker Darco
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  • Body Armor walker by Medline is designed especially for sports medicine benefits.
  • The original Armor walker provides supreme protection, firmness and comfort for foot conditions where ambulation is allowed.
  • Ideal to a weight bearing cast for patients.
  • Features a custom insole system for pressure relief.
  • Also features locking clips and side channels; locking clips ensures a proper and correct fit whereas side channels hold straps in place securedly.
  • Available in both high and low versions.

Size Chart

Size  Women’s Shoe              Size  Men’s  Shoe         Size
Small7 to 8.56 to 7.5
Medium9 to 11.58 to 10.5
Large12+11 to  14
SizeWomen’s Shoe SizeMen’s Shoe Size
Small7 to 8.56 to  7.5
Medium9 to 11.58 to 10.5
Large12+11 to 14