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BR4 Bunion Relief Socks

Manufacturer: OS1st Products
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Bunion relief socks with compression zone technology
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BR4 Bunion Relief Socks

The bunion relief socks by Orthosleeve works on the compression zone technology and has 4 compression zones. You get Bunion therapy in a performance comfort sock.

BR4 Socks Features

  • Provides relief from bunion
  • Reduces toe friction pain
  • Seamless comfort
  • Split toe design that is anatomically correct
  • Additional padding for added comfort
  • Fits left and right

Available in Black and Grey

Size Chart:

SizeAverage shoe size
SUS: M 3-6/W 4-7
MUS: M 6.5-9.5/W 7.5-10
LUS: M 10-13/W 10.5 Plus

Compression Zones

Zone #1

Light: Split toe designs to reduce friction and separate

Zone #2

Moderate: Bunion Relief Zone with special pad

Zone #3

Moderate: Improves circulation and exibility

Zone #4

Light: Low cut non-binding fit