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Brake for Duet Rollator/Transport Chair

Manufacturer: Drive Medical
SKU: 750BCL-2M
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Brake Assembly (2M & 20H S/N) for Duet Rollator/Transport Chair, 8" Casters - The "Assembly" for the Rollator is in stock and ready to ship!!
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BrakeĀ for Duet Rollator/Transport Chair

The brake assembly includes brake, grip & handle bar for the Duet Rollator/Transport Chair with 8" casters is an essential component of the device that ensures the user's safety and control during movement. The brake assembly is designed to stop the rollator or transport chair from moving and lock it in place when the user needs to take a break or get in or out of the chair.

Compatible with:-

  • Duet Rollator/Transport Chair, 8" CastersĀ (795B).
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