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Ergo Auto Pet Waterer Large 25" x 11" x 11"

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Provides your pets with sparkling crystal clear, fresh and clean oxygenated water
Easy installation, typical in less than 30 minutes. Replaceable eight-layered water filters can be replaced at your convenience. Eight-layered filter with activated carbon guarantees clean, odor free and algae free water. Maintains constant water level in bowl even when power fails thus making sure your pet never goes thirsty. Ergonomically designed handle on the bottle for convenient filling and carrying. An anti-spill check valve prevents spills while refilling. Clear storage container enables easy check on water levels from all angles. This waterer can be used with pets such as cats, dogs, ferrets, horses, birds, pigs, deer, ducks etc.

  • Large : 25" x 11" x 11" holds 5 Gallons of water
  • Takes care of your pets when you are busy, don't have the time, or on vacation
  • Perfect for pet owners with busy, unpredictable schedule, elderly and physically challenged
  • Keeps your pet hydrated and healthy
  • Reduces the chances of your pet getting urinary tract diseases, kidney and liver problems
Item Details:
  • Size: Large
  • Dimensions: 25" x 11" x 11"