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Ergo Outdoor Pet / Pond Feeder

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This is an Automatic Pet Feeder designed for outdoor locations such as: garages, basements, patios, barns etc, and can also be used indoors.
This Feeder can be used for feeding pets such as ferrets, cats, dogs, horses and fish in ponds. The Automatic Pet Feeder can be used by people with busy schedules to reduce their daily chores and continue to feed their pets in an outdoor or indoor environment at the appropriate time with a preset quantity of food. Metal over molded self-lubricating nylon auger prevents jamming and provides a smooth and quiet performance. Food agitator is included in large and medium feeders to prevent food from getting stale. Safety interlock switch and safety basket disables the feeder in the event the storage container is removed. Unlike vertical augers in other automatic feeders, this feeder has a horizontal feed auger system which provides precise control over feed rate.

  • Works for all sizes of pets.
  • Clear storage container on this feeder enables visibility from all angles and distances.
  • Airtight cover for storage container keeps food fresh.
  • The large opening in the food store bin enables easy fill of pet food.
  • Precise feeding of food is accomplished with this feeder bia high torque 24Vac synchronous motor.