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LumboLoc Forte XT (Lumbsacral Spine)

Manufacturer: Bauerfeind
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LumboLoc Forte XT helps in stabilizing orthosis to have a optimal spine posture.
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LumboLoc Forte XT

Indications of Lumbsacral Spine

  • Degeneration/muscular insufficiency of the spine (severe)
  • Spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis
  • Lumbar syndrome
  • Discectomy

Features Of LumboLoc Forte XT:

  • Anatomically-contoured stabilizing orthosis ensures individual adaptation to the patient‘s shape for maximum comfort.
  • Practical Finger pockets and lPT strap system (low Power Tension) mean that the orthosis can be fitted easily without the need to expend consider-able effort.
  • Rigid Posterior Support provides sagittal control from sacrococcygeal junction to T9 vertebrate
  • Rigid abdominal panel provides enhanced intra-abdominal pressure

How does LumboLoc Forte XT Work?

  • Anatomically-contoured corset stays incorporated at the back facilitate an anatomically correct position of the orthosis, providing appropriate support.
  • The lumbar spine is relieved by the individually adjustable compression of the abdominal cavity-
  • The adjustable function strap permits individual adjustment of the force exerted, with respect to location and intensity, and supports the effect of the pad.
  • Rigid posterior panel provides enhanced sagittal control.

Size Chart:

Size           1               2                  3               4            5           6 
Body circumference in cm         70 - 80           80 - 90          90 - 100           100 - 110            110 -120           120 -130