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Petstages Crinkle and Toss Paper Orange / Green

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Because cats often find themselves at home alone, they may become bored and inactive, needing help to find appropriate entertainment to stay energized
Toys that stimulate the senses will awaken her curiosity and prompt her into activity, reducing boredom and inappropriate behaviors. Catnip, sound and motion can all draw and keep kitty's attention. Petstages Energizing Toys excite the senses of scent, sight and hearing to arouse and keep your cat's interest.

  • Remove one sheet, crinkle and toss to your happy cat
  • Each sheet is infused with real, long lasting catnip scent
  • Includes 25 individual sheets for hours of fun!
  • Each piece has a strong catnip scent that cats love!
  • Safe, non toxic
Item Details:
  • Color: Orange / Green