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Cmo 8" Mouldable Panel Inserts

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Cmo 8" Mouldable Panel Inserts Anatech
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  • CMO Mouldable Panel Inserts by Anatech is used to provide superior support to the lumbar region.
  • With the use of these panel inserts, the user can stay in comfort.
  • It stays tight over the spine providing great support to the users.
  • Insulation bonding makes patients comfort during molding.
  • Thermoplastic can be molded easily at low tempeature. Can be repeatedly remolded based on the need. 
  • Remolding process just takes 2 minutes. 
  • White fabric provides a high-quality look.
  • Can be ordered seperately for CMO criss cross support. 
  • Mouldable inserts are packed with moulding instructions.
  • Reading instructions is recommended befre using the product.