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Manufacturer: Oyaco
SKU: Kid-CO1015001
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Say bye to the heavy and painful carrying of the baby car seat on your arms with this NEW and Fashionable COCOBELT !



Carrying a baby car seat anywhere you go is quite painful literally. We have a solution now which is smart, new and fashionable at the same time, Cocobelt. Simply attach the Cocobelt to the car seat and then wear it over your shoulder like a purse or a bag. Safely designed with the click buckle which is extensively tested for its safety by Bureau Veritas and the Cocobelt has CE certification. 

The Cocobelt is handmade from quality materials, tested for safety, easy to use, and looks fantastic.


  • Safe - The Cocobelt has been made from stroong and high quality materials and the belt has CE certifiaction for its safety. 
  • Ease of use - The belt has a slip resistant shoulder pad and the length of the belt is adjustable. 
  • Easy and Qucik Fastening - The belt has a click buckle which can be attached and released quickly
  • Fashionable - Cocobelt is trendy and fashionable and is available in different colors.
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