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Crutch Quik-Fit Youth

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Crutch Quik-Fit Youth Medline


  • Quick-Fit Crutch by Medline is ideal for those who are recovering from an injury.
  • has red dot hand grip and I-Beam.
  • Red-Dot hand grip can be used to get a proper hold of the crutch.
  • I-Beam can be used to adjust based on the users height.
  • Quick-fit Crutch have 3 crutches into one; Adult, Tall adult and youth.
  • Also has padded underarma.
  • Can hold upto the weight of 300lb. 
  • Has Latex free rubber components which prevents the crutch from skidding/slipping.  
  • Available in Silver. 

Size Specification:

  • Adult size has 300-lb. (136 kg) weight capacity; Child size has 200-lb. (90 kg) weight capacity.