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D-Foam - 128 oz

Manufacturer: Compass Health
SKU: ERP2385
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For effective foam control just add a few CC's of D-Foam prior to or during treatment. .Safe. Non-toxic. Non-irritating. .Compatible with other Hydrotherapy additives. .Fight foam fast D-Foam Hydrotherapy Additive controls excessive hydrotherapy foaming. Major causes of excessive foaming are hydrotherapy additives for infection control, such as Betadine Whirlpool Concentrate and similiar products. Additional causes are soaps, detergents, dressings such as Sulfamylon Cream, Silver Sulfadiazine Cream, or Betadine Ointment. D-Foam hydrotherapy additive is effective against all of these foaming agents. 1 US Gall0n - 128 Oz - 3.78 l