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Darco Duo Unisex MedSurg Shoe

Manufacturer: Darco
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Darco Off-Loading shoe for various stages of healing
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Darco Duo Unisex MedSurg Shoe

The MedSurg DUO shoe combines two different densities of EVA to provide up to 40% more plantar pressure reduction than standard post op shoes. Better protection for your surgeries and world class comfort for your patients.

Item sold as one shoe. Fits right or left foot.

You can wear this shoe with your favorite athletic shoe or your non injured shoe.

Darco Duo Unisex MedSurg Shoe Features:

  • Duo EVA sole provides up to 40% pressure reduction over a standard post op shoe.
  • The EVA sole is lightweight, up to 27% weight reduction compared to standard post op shoes.
  • 5 Sizes – unisex sizing reduces SKU’s by almost 30%.
  • The DUO is more durable, lasts 4x longer, and provides better shock absorption.
  • The DUO is compatible with the PQ – Peg Assist Offloading Insole to form the premier offloading combination on the market.
  • Adjustable ankle strap with soft ankle pad is softer, meaning more patient comfort.
  • Dual Buckle means strap and pad can be switched left or right.

Why Darco Duo Unisex MedSurg Shoe

  • 40% Reduction in plantar pressure
  • 27% reduction in Shoe weight
  • 4 times more durable materials


Inside Shoe Dimensions (in Inches)

Choice of shoe size is significantly influenced by foot swelling and volume of bandages/cast worn in conjunction with a DARCO shoe. To ensure the best fit, measure the widths and length your injured foot (including any dressings) and select the best shoe size using the graphic below.

US Shoe Size Reference Table

Use the following sizing table as a reference only.

SizeWomen’s Shoe SizeMen’s Shoe Size
X-Small3 – 5.5
Small6 – 7.55 – 6.5
Medium8 – 97 – 8x
Large9.5 – 118.5 – 10
X-Large11.5 – 1310.5 – 12.5