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Plantar Fasciitis Combo Pack

Manufacturers: Futuro , OS1st Products
SKU: FS6_plantar fasciitis_combo
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OrthoSleeve Compression Foot Sleeve FS6 & Tensor Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support Combo Pack- Get the best of both worlds from this combo pack especially designed for you!
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Buy this combo pack of OrthoSleeve Compression Foot Sleeve FS6 and Tensor Night Splint to get the best of both the worlds at a special price!

OrthoSleeve Compression Foot Sleeve-The FS6


OrthoSleeve Compression Foot Sleeve-The FS6 is the best compression foot sleeve for plantar Fasciitis and other foot related pain. It relieves foot pain and any other discomfort with medical grade compression. It can be used for consitions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, heel pain, foot swelling and other.

Compression Zone Technology

It uses the compression zone technology to provide support to the ankle and relieve the pain. There are 6 graduated zones of compression that accelerate the blood circulation thus reducing edema and relieving pain. The design is shaped to fit perfectly according to the foot shape. FS6 Sleeve is designed to be worn easily and with medical grade support. The material is lightweight and not bulky unlike other foot sleeves or cuffs that are made of neoprene, velcro and plastic. Compression foot sleeve can be worn under any pair of shoes and socks. 

Available in Black, Natural and White

compression foot sleeve



  • All day comfort
  • Provides best support which is fast and effective
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Light weight material makes it very comfortable
  • Helps in healing faster with a cooling effect.

compression foot sleeve

Size Chart:

FS6 Compression Foot Sleeves Sizing Chart


TENSOR NIGHT PLANTAR FASCIITIS SLEEP SUPPORT (** One size fits all. Available in one color, Navy)

Description and Features:

The tensor night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support holds the foot in its therapeutic position throughout the night to help relieve plantar fasciitis pain. 

The material is comfortable and lightweight. The sleep support has sft edges for a better comfort and customised fit. The material allows the foot to breathe and avoid moisture under the straps that are made up of soft and durable material. There is a cushioning pad for added support and comfort. The wraparound style of the plantar fasciitis sleep support makes it easy to wear and remove.

It can be used on either right or left foot and can be worn with or without socks comfortably.

How to wear instructions:



Remove calf and foot straps from the support. Secure fasteners to straps before washing. Components should be hand washed separately in mild detergent or soap using warm water. Water should NOT be hot. The components should be then rinsed and air dried. Plastic components should be dried using a towel. It should NOT be machine used, dry cleaned or bleached.