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Webber Naturals Vitamin B12 Tablets 1000Mcg

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Generic name is Methylcobalamin
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  • Vitamin B12 Tablets are administered in case of Vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • It is used to prevent this deficiency and to treat Pernicious Anemia which is caused due to the deficiency of this vitamin.
  • It is available in the form of tablets of different strengths, oral solution, gel and injectable form as well.
  • Although safe when taken by mouth, however there are some precautions that should be taaken care of-



  1. It is advisable that Vitamin B12 Tablets should NOT be taken by Pregnant and Breast feeding mothers. Although it can be taken in smaller amounts on the advise of your doctor.
  2. People suffering from Leber's disease should not take this.
  3. People allergic to cobalamin or cobalt should avoid taking B12 supplement.


Vitamin B12 interacts with Chloramphenicol which might decrease new blood cells.