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Donjoy Elbow Guard

Manufacturer: DonJoy
SKU: 11-1003-x-06000
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A soft and light weight elbow guard by Donjoy that gives a tough elbow protection.
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Donjoy Elbow Guard

Donjoy elbow guard that is designed specifically with your needs in mind provides rigid elbow protection. It is used to provide stability to the elbow for medial/lateral and hyperextension injuries.

Donjoy Elbow Guard Features

  • Wraparound biceps/triceps portion with elastic strap for ease of application
  • Bilateral polycentric hinges for flexion/extension and medial/lateral control
  • X strap for great hyperextension control
  • Elbow pad for protection in contact sports

Size Chart (Measurement taken at mid biceps)

X=2=S10"-11.5" (25.4-29.21 cm)
X=3=M11.6"-13" (29.46-33.02 cm)
X=4=L13.1"-14.5" (33.27-36.83 cm)
X=5=XL14.625"-16" (37.08-40.64 cm)
X=6=XXL16.1"-17.5" (40.89-44.45 cm)
X=7=XXXL17.6"-19" (44.70-48.26 cm)


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