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Donjoy Velocity Ankle Support (EXTRA SUPPORT)

Manufacturer: DonJoy
SKU: 11-1497
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Best Brace in terms of performance and to prevent and treat ankle injury
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Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace with Extra Support (ES)

This brace is an evolution in Donjoy's Ankle Brace category with it's proprietary design features. It is used to prevent and treat ankle injury. It has a speed wrap that wraps the ankle and the foot that applies compression to the area to reduce pain and inflammation.


  • Velocity brace works on R3 technology which indicates Rapid, Rigid and Ratcheted. It provides circumferential tibia compression
  • The brace prevents abnormal inversion and eversion
  • The uprights in the brace give protection during impact
  • The speed wrap provides secured ankle compression
  • Available in Black and White

Size Chart:

Measure calf circumference 8" from ground

Calf CuffAnkleMeasurementSize
StandardLeft 7.25" - 10" (18 - 25 cm)S-L
StandardRight7.25" - 10" (18 - 25 cm)S-L
WideLeft 10" - 12.5" (25 - 32 cm)S-L
WideRight10" - 12.5" (25 - 32 cm)S-L

Shoe Size

X=2=S6 to 88 to 9.5
X=3=M8 to 129.5 to 13.5