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Donut Pessary

Manufacturer: Milex Cooper Surgical
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CAD 67.00
Support the vagina using this removable Donut Pessary
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The Donut Pessary is used by women suffering from 2nd or 3rd degree uterine prolapse and cystocele. Donut Pessary is round in shape and made of silicone which is flexible and soft hence making it easier to insert and remove. It should not be deflated during insertion or removal and size should be measured by your doctor.

Pessaries can help women avoid surgery in various gynaecological problems and other pelvic defects.


  • Made of soft flexible silicone
  • Used to treat 3rd degree prolapse
  • Available in 8 sizes.

NOTE: Available for order in various sizes (Takes approx. 2 weeks to bring in)