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The only solution to sweat-free social anxiety is The Drysol extra strength, which takes about a few days to adjust. Eventually, you won't worry about it exacerbating the sweat. Drysol 20 ACH dab is the most suitable answer to handle profuse sweating and hyperhidrosis.
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Drysol Extra strength Dab on (Deodorant)

A clinical study shows that Drysol extra strength contains larger molecules than regular deodorants, which is a significant reason to manage extreme sweating effectively.

Does Drysol Extra Strength dab on help sweaty palms?

This extra-strength antiperspirant is used regularly for extreme hand sweating. The product has made improvements and helps in keeping your hands dry.

Do you get sweat during the nights under your armpits?

Drysol 20 is the only solution available in the market to help you get rid of excessive sweating and be anxiety-free when you meet people. It works by creating a makeshift plug in the pore and converting it to a solid state after entering the pore.

 Based on people's feedback, using Drysol helps keep them sweat-free over a long period. 

It is clinically proven to reduce sweat 98% of the time with a 30% decrease in volume.

How to apply Drysol dab on deodorant?

  1. Use it sparingly in the treated area, the midpoint of the armpit, or the palms or soles.
  2. Apply Drysol before going to bed. The sweat gland activity is low during bedtime and can stay in place without sweating.
  3. Please do not use it on damp or moist skin. 
  4. Avoid applying on irritated or recently shaved skin. You can use 1% hydrocortisone cream on the affected area the following day.
  5. Wash Drysol from your skin after bedtime as it can damage clothing due to its acidic nature. Application of your regular antiperspirant is acceptable.
  6. Conceal the treated skin with plastic wrap if sweating continues after one week of daily application. You can wrap the plastic around your armpit and keep it in place by wearing a tee shirt overnight. You could also apply plastic gloves or bags to the hands and feet. It allows deodorant to penetrate the sweat gland pores more effectively.

drysol extra strenght poresThe use of Drysol extra strength on dry skin produces a temporary pore.
It slowly starts to fill the opening of the pore and plugs the insides
The plug (Drysol) transforms to a solid-state in the pore
The extra strength antiperspirant stays in the solid-state for about three days before the effect starts to weather off. Reapply to plug the pores again.