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Dynatron X5 Soft-Tissue Oscillation Therapy

Manufacturer: Compass Health
SKU: ERP2377
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The X5 probe’s unique construction utilizes a non-conductive layer to prevent current flow, thus creating an electrostatic field between the probe and the tissue. By quickly alternating the polarity, a push-pull effect is created by attracting and repelling charged particles in the tissue. The resulting vibratory / mechanical action is highly effective in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain. Incorporating manual techniques with the probe may result in additional circulatory benefits. Treatments are fast (8-12 minutes), comfortable, and easy to apply. .2 independent channels .6 treatment modes .Small and large treatment probes .0-200 frequency range .4 frequency sweeps .Customizable presets .Conductance meter .Optional battery pack .2-yr. warranty .Bright OLED displays .Lightweight and portable .Cost effective and affordable Data Sheet Soft-Tissue Oscillation Therapy Unit