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Evolution Walker, Sprite Series

Manufacturer: Evolution Walkers
SKU: MW2EV0005
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Economical light weight walker the most economical walker with no compromise on quality and standards.
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Sprite Evolution Walker is the most economical walker with no compromise on quality and standards.

Sprite Series is available in 3 sizes suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Additional Features and Description:

  • Economical light weight walker
  • 6” wheel models ideal for indoor use now with wider 40mm wheels
  • 8” wheel model for comfortable outdoor use
  • Rigid contoured padded back support for secure seating
  • Sprite Regular now comes with new storage bag under the seat
  • New Safety accessories with reflection tapes visible from every angle
  • Sprite Regular and Sprite Mini have new Rear Fork
  • Now Slow Down Brake available on Sprite Regular and Sprite Mini


weightseat heightseating widthwidth X lengthhandle heightweight capacity
Sprite12 lbs21”17”24” x 23.5”33”– 38”250 lbs
Sprite Mini11 lbs18”17”24” x 22.5”30”– 36”250 lbs
Sprite Grande13 lbs21”17”24” x 25.5”33”– 38”250 lbs

Warranty Service, Repair or Replacement:

If you have to return your walker to Evolution for warranty service, there are a few things we'll need from you. First, the walker must Include a Merchandise Return Authorization (MRA) number. You can obtain a MRA number by calling us at our toll free number 1- 877-333-4111. Be prepared to provide 1) the unit model number, 2) the serial number, and 3) a description of the problem.

You will also find printed documentation shipped with your Evolution Xpresso Walker. They contain maintenance guides and installation information.