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F-Elastic-Net Sz 2 Lf 7"x25 Yd Stretche

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F-Elastic-Net Sz 2 Lf 7"x25 Yd Stretche Medline

  • F-Elastic Net Stretche by Medline Canada is designed to hold dressings firmly in one place.
  • The elastic is made up of Polyester.
  • The main purpose of this is to reduce the dressing time.
  • Perfect product to be used by those allergic to tape.
  • Free from Latex.
  • Neoprene free.
  • It can accommodate any part of the body from finger to toe.
  • Packed in a box. 
  • Available in 7" x 25 yards, 9"x25 yards and 24"x25 yards.