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Frontline plus For Large Dog (45-88Lbs) Brand 3 Pack

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if you love your dog then frontline plus is the best solution to keep him or her safe from fleas and ticks. Kills larvae in 24 to 48 hours.
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Product Name- Frontline Plus For Large Dog 45-88 lbs



Brand Name- Frontline Plus Large dogs 45-88lbs



Generic Name- Fipronil+S-Methoprene



What is Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88lbs?


The Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs is a latest and innovative product specially manufactured and designed for treating fleas and ticks for dogs under the weight range of 45-88 lbs (Large Dog Size). It kills all fleas within the time span of just 18 hours and ticks in 48 hours. It has S-Methoprene as its major ingredient that kills all larvae and eggs. What’s more, it stands effective against all life stages of brown dog tick, deer tick, the American dog tick and also lone star tick.




Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs for Large Dogs has many benefits for curing dog fleas and ticks really fast. It can kill all existing fleas and ticks within a span of 24 hours and is an easy to apply liquid. With being waterproof for 30 days facility it also works for a period of 30 days after its first use and could act as a cost-effective flea and ticks medication.


As per the label or as suggested by a qualified pet vet.


Some large dogs may show some irritations upon the usage of this flea medication and if the signs persist then the dog must be taken to a vet.


The Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs for large dogs must be kept in a dry and cool place and out of the reach of children and also must not be refrigerated.