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Gauze Roll Sof-Form Relaxd Ns Lf 3"x75"

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Gauze Roll Sof-Form Relaxd Ns Lf 3"x75" Medline

  • These premier quality bandages gently secures to any body contour without restriction of movement and accommodate an increase or decrease in swelling.
  • The uniquely constructed weave and finished edges help eliminate unraveling and lint.
  • The combination of rayon and polyester help the bandage to provide stretch memory when applied. It’s a patient-safe dressing that renders a neat application each time.
  • Ideal for secondary dressing applications.
  • Non-sterile, latex-free.

Packaging96 Each / 8 Bag / 8 box / 1 Carton / Case
Manuf / SupplierMedline
Manuf / Supplier #NON25493