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Gellhorn Pessary

Manufacturer: Milex Cooper Surgical
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Supports the vaginal vault prolapse
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Gellhorn Pessary


Gellhorn Pessary is used to support the Pelvic area organ prolapse. It is used by women for supporting the vaginal prolapse. There is a knob on the Gellhorn Pessary that folds easily for insertion and rests on the posterior wall of vagina once inserted. The holes on the base of the pessary, also known as drainage holes makes it easier for the fluids to pass. The soft silicone material makes it easier to insert.


  • Made of soft and flexible silicone
  • Used to treat vaginal prolapse and cystocele
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Also available in short or long stem
  • Size to be determined by the doctor

NOTE: Available for order in various sizes (Takes approx. 2 weeks to bring in)