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Geratherm Ovu Control

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Geratherm Ovulation Control is a reusable ovulation predictor using saliva

What is Geratherm Ovu Control?

Geratherm Ovu Control is a reusable Ovulation predictor that uses saliva instead of urine hence making it much more hygienic. It is Health Canada approved with 98% accuracy.


  • Ovu Control by Geratherm is simple to use with just a dab of saliva on the microscope.
  • It is economical as it is reusable equivalent to the cost of 2 months of traditional usine strips.
  • Results are accurate with 98% accuracy.
  • It is hygienically safe as it does not use urine.


  • First ever saliva based testing method to predict ovulation.
  • Usage is easy and multiple times.
  • Results are easy to read and within minutes.
  • Reliability, precision and hygienically high.
  • Attractive lipstick design