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Gift Pack - 2 Socks - Non Skid & 2 Pretty Cotton Gowns

Manufacturer: Silverts
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Gift Pack - 2 Socks - Non Skid & 2 Pretty Cotton Gowns
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Save with this 4 Piece BESTSELLERS Gift Pack - 2 Anti Slip Socks and 2 Open Back Gowns These Hospital patient gowns are Bedtime Beauties embellished with lovely embroidery and four functional buttons. The gathered yoke and ¾-length sleeves make it very comfortable. Full back overlap with two snaps at each shoulder. Quality machine washable soft jersey knit polyester-cotton knit. The full back overlap provides complete comfort and discretion unlike traditional tie back hospital nightgowns. The dome/snap closures are placed on the shoulders to avoid any pressure points. Comfortable raglan sleeves.
  • The Best Irresistible skid and slip resistant hospital socks for adults with treads or grips (gripper socks)! Extra Comfy slipper socks in feather-soft polyester chenille.

  • How are Silvert’s Hospital Gowns different?
    No Pressure Points – Patients do not lay or rest on closures
  • Complete Dignity – Full back overlaps
  • Pretty Attractive – Look good...feel good
  • Comfort – Quality fabrics

  • How do you put these Nursing Home Hospital Gowns on?
    1. The individual remains in a seated position or flat prone position while being dressed.
    2. The individual's arms are inserted easily into the sleeves and the garment is drawn up to the shoulders.
    3. The caregiver simply wraps the generous overlap across the back and the dome/snap closure on each shoulder is snapped into place. If the individual is in a flat position they are rolled over or lifted at the shoulders and the generous overlap across the back is snapped into place on top of the shoulders. The domes/snaps are positioned in such away that the individual does not experience any uncomfortable pressure points. The person being dressed is left completely covered without ever having to stand. Look at Silvert's other hospital clothes such as bedjackets, adaptive robes, non skid hospital socks, arm and leg protectors, non skid slippers and so much more!
    4. Assisted disrobing is just as easy.

    Adaptive Sleepwear Hospital Gowns Size Chart:
    • S (6-8)
    • M (10-12)
    • L (14-16)
    • XL (18)
    • 2XL (20)
    • 3XL (22-24)