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GTS (Great Toe Splint for Bunions)

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GTS or the Great Toe Splint by Darco.
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GTS is an adjustable toe splint which is used post operation or therapy. It provides relief from the symptoms that are associated with hallux valgus and other toe joint conditions. The material used to maufacture this splint is neoprene and nylon which is lightweight. It can be worn during the day as well as night. It can also be worn inside the footwear due to its proper fitting design.


  • Provides round the clock support
  • Maintains the toe alignment
  • Provides relief from bunions which can be quite painful
  • Post operative bunion

Size Chart:

SizeĀ Women Shoe SizeMen Shoe Size
Small5 to 7.53.5 to 6
Large8 to 116.5 to 9.5