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Gynatrof Vaginal Moisturizer

Manufacturer: Gynatrof
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Gynatrof Vaginal Moisturizer in 50ml quantity from Canada.
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Gynatrof Vaginal Moisturizer

The Gynatrof Vaginal moisturizer relieves the symptoms and discomfort associated with Vaginal atrophy. It provides immediate relief from dryness, itching, burning and pain associated with sexual activity.

It naturally works with women for women

Vaginal Atrophy or atrophic vaginitis is a condition that makes the vagina drier and thinner resulting in itching, burning and pain during sexual activity. Gynatrof vaginal moisturizer increases the natural moisture of the body thus relieving the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. It also protects the skin tissue, improves lubrication and regenerates the vaginal tissue.

It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

How Hyaluronic acid works

The hyaluronic acid protects the skin of the vagina by reducing the itching and burning.

It increases the natural lubrication and allowing normal sexual activity.

It regenrates the damaged vaginal tissues

Liposomes keep the vagina hydrated and increases the elasticity

Vitamin E in the Gynatrof Vaginal Moisturizer prevents aging of the vagina and reduces inflammation.

Gynatrof Vaginal Moisturizer Key Features

  • Fast Acting
  • Reusable Applicator
  • Hormone Free
  • Fragrance Free