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HydraSense Congestion Relief Sp 100 ml

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Clinically proven Nasal Spray to relieve congestion caused by cold and allergy
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HydraSense Congestion Relief

HydraSense is a natural source that helps relieve congestion by cold and allergy. It is a 100% natural source of nasal and sinus relief. It helps to reduce the use of nasal allergy medications. Can be used regularly or frequently without rebound effect.

hydraSense nasal saline solutions offer a preservative-free, sterile seawater solution that contain a combination of more than 70 minerals and trace elements found naturally in seawater.


100% natural-source, undiluted seawater desalinated to22 g/L (2.2%) naturally-occurring mineral salts (including 1.8% sodium chloride) and a combination of other marine trace elements.

How to use:

Apply hydraSense Congestion Relief 1 to 2 sprays per nostril, 1-3 times daily followed by blowing for desired relief. Consult doctor if cold or allergy symptoms last longer than 5 days or if your symptoms worsen.

For children over 12 years of age and adults.


You may experience a temporary tingling sensation if mucous membranes are highly irritated.