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Intelect Neo Combo 4 Channels

Manufacturer: Compass Health
SKU: ERP1919-54
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Intelect Neo offers multimodality with 6 plug-and-play modules. Each unit can be assembled specifically for your customized clinical needs. And your unit can also adapt to your future needs by adding additional modules. The plug-and-play modules are easily installed in no time, without worrying about configuration and other settings. Neo is also simple to use and a pleasure to navigate, thanks to the Clinical Protocol Setup™ (CPS), which leads you through the functions of the device and each therapy. Additionally, Neo offers a stunning anatomic library that illustrates an array of pathologies, making it easier for you to communicate with patients about their condition and educate them on further treatment options. A completely modular setup allows you to choose among the components that best fit your practice. The unit has an integrated base with discreet, strong handles for carrying. The optional high-quality cart is stable, height-adjustable, moves with ease, and includes three roomy storage drawers with sturdy pull tracks. Standard accessories: Standard accessories: Intelect Neo User Manual on CD Stim 1/2 Module Stim 3/4 Module Modules User Manual on CD Dura-Stick® Plus 5 cm round electrodes 4 Pks of 4 Ch 1/2 Lead wires kit Ch 3/4 User Wires Kit Ultrasound User Manual Ultrasound Gel Intelect Neo US Applicator, Large .Cart is not included .Laser module and probe not included