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Jumbo 5 Second Thermometer with Fever Glow

Manufacturer: Bios
SKU: 227DI
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Thermometer with large LCD and fever glow
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Jumbo 5 Second Thermometer with Fever Glow

This model boasts a large LCD read-out; perfect for checking temperatures in dimly lit rooms.

Features "VTR" - Visual Temperature Reference - a colour bar system that helps users understand a child's temperature. A yellow bar temperature means "above normal" but a red bar indicates the child is febrile and users should monitor temperatures closely. Depending on a child's age parents should consult a medical professional.


  • Takes your Measurement in 5 seconds
  • For oral, rectal and axillary (underarm) use
  • "Fever glow" technology turns the screen red when a fever is detected with audio alarm
  • Memory Recall This thermometer has a memory which recalls the last temperature taken.
  • Auto-shut off
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Storage case 
  • 1 x CR2032 battery 
  • Instruction manual